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VortexPlays #3 Sakurahime
by Vortex00

VortexPlays #3 Sakurahime article image

Title: Sakurahime

Game status: WIP

Current size: ~26.8 mb

developer: Pizzacat

What I liked:

Interesting and fun concept for the story

Heavy focus on story and getting to know the characters.

The added descriptions in the text characters are doing or thinking.

The shimaians world and how all the sex outside was completely normal there

What I feel could be added:

Not much to say here because it is a WIP.

Visit the blog for information about that stuff that is going to be added.

What I feel could be changed/fixed:

walking through walls

smoother animations by using more frames

Make the characters text lighter. Some text like the grey was a bit hard to read.